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Firehouse Coffee and trademarked coffee names may only be used with Firehouse Coffee’s written permission, and then only to the extent of and within the scope of the permission granted. Any use of the Firehouse Coffee® trademark or our brand names that does not comply with such permission and this policy is unauthorized. We require permission because Firehouse Coffee® stands for certain core principles and we must protect both the public’s trust in the Firehouse Coffee® name and the viability of the Firehouse Coffee® brand platform (Fundraising, Quality, and Brand). We also believe it’s important to avoid confusion that can arise when the Firehouse Coffee® name and trademarks are used to create the false impression of a Firehouse Coffee® connection or endorsement.

Changing the appearance of the Firehouse Coffee trademark or adding something to it does not mean that you are free to use the trademark without our permission. 

Trademark Number: 85272383

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