V-tach™ Espresso

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Backed by First Responders
Fueling Nurses and Doctors
Freshly Roasted in Maxatawny, PA

Charge the paddles with this Espresso!

We blend premium coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Kenya to make the absolute best coffee beans for espresso. V-tach™ is our gourmet Espresso that has a mellow taste, low acidity, and plenty of body.

Espresso can be brewed as a drip coffee or espresso forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee to offer a rich flavor, lingering aroma, and caramel sweetness for a high quality espresso coffee.

Medical description:

Charge the paddles to 360j! The Purkinje fibers are going to get a workout. The sustained flavor of this full bodied gourmet espresso will keep your cardiac cells depolarizing.

The best EMS description for this Espresso: "It's the Big One!"